REVIEW: ERASMUS Teaching Cooperation with the Linneaus University in Växjö and Kalmar (20-24/10/2014)

Based on the successful three year collaboration within the project COHAB (South Baltic Programme Interreg IV), the University of Rostock and the Linneaus University established a new ERASMUS cooperation agreement in teaching. The cooperation focusses now primarily on the collaboration of the departments of education. 

Under this agreement, Ms. Britta Will (Research Assistant) visited the Linneaus University in Kalmar and Växjö to introduce aspects of German vocational training for students of vocational teacher training. In lectures and discussions, students learned how German vocational edcuation and training (VET) and initial and further teacher training are structured. The Swedish training is almost exclusively organized in schools. Therefore, the idea of the structures and the organization of the German dual training system lead to many questions, i.e. how the motivation of companies is achieved to engage in VET actively. Questions like these were answered in small individualized discussions. 

In Swedish schools the role of international cooperation has increased within the last few years, leading to a greater interest for future activities. Based on this, the benefits of cross-border cooperation in schools were demonstrated with the experiences of the project COHAB, and afterwards discussed in a workshop. The workshop was focused on the development and professionalization of teacher activity and personality through cross-border activities. 

Additionally, conversations for stabilization and expansion of mutual cooperations between the Linneaus University and the University of Rostock in the field of initial and further teacher training were realized. This should lead to the development of a mutually agreed-upon model of cooperation in the future, which will be further developed in the coming months. 


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