REVIEW: Transfer of Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods (03-05/12/2014)

Based on the ERASMUS cooperation agreement in teaching between the University of Rostock and the Linneaus University the two universities offered an international seminar "Strategies and Methods for the Transfer and Use of Tacit Knowledge" in December 2014 in Rostock.

Everyone has a broad spectrum of tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is considered as internalized and non obvious knowledge components, which influences and manages activities. Uncovering and transfering the tacit knowledge is therefore rather complex because of it’s hidden characteristics. The method of “dialogic learning” is one instrument, which helps to reveal it. Involving the ERASMUS programme and in cooperation with Linneaus University, the Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education at the University of Rostock organized a three-day workshop for its students to use, try, and learn about this method.

Dr. Daniel Alvunger from Linneaus University is already using this form for teachers training in Sweden for several years. With the help of different literature like text excerpts or poems, music or pictures, participating students are instructed to write essays in their own personal reflection. Every essay is read out to the other participants and used for a basis of discussion as well as a basis for the results of the dialogue seminar. Subsequently every listener can express his or her ideas and thoughts about the essays. All ideas and statements of the course are listed in a protocol which functions as a knowledge base for further dialogue seminars, for example in a sense of a thematical series of seminars. Is the dialogue seminar used for a series of seminars, shared thoughts, ideas, and exchanged experiences of the course constitute a new knowledge base which develops over time a so called "knowledge spiral". So this method is particulary useful for the exchange of experiences and development of new ideas.


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