REVIEW: Meet & Greet "BALTIC EDUCATION" in Rostock (28/10/2014)

Organised by Mr. Martin French (scientific researcher at the Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education) and some partners a group of more than 60 Danish teachers visited some educational institutions in Rostock. The Danish educators from the University College Sjaelland who are working in different fields of general, vocational and higher education and also in the initial and further teacher training met some German teachers and education experts in the vocational school "Berufliche Schule der Hansestadt Rostock - Wirtschaft" and in the education service provider "AFZ - Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Rostock GmbH".

In the informal Meet & Greet "BALTIC EDUCATION" all experts discussed the education systems, structures and services in the two Baltic countries and the Danish educators got an impression of the daily work of the German educators, the structures of lessons and the buildings of the visited institutions. All experts are now looking forward to further meetings like this and also to organised student or teacher exchange programmes and common projects.


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