REVIEW: VET Conference in Japan (May 2015)

The development and improvement of vocational education and training is gaining worldwide interest. A good degree in vocational training improves the perspective and work life future at the labor market for the employees and also ensures the manpower needs of the companies.

The German Dual System has been proved as very stable during the last Great Depression; now it enjoys a high reputation worldwide as never before. Therefore countries geared to the strong demand-side structures of the German Dual System. Japan transferred about 15 years ago parts of the German Dual System but nowadays the Japanese training structures should be reformed and improved again within the coming years. Today, Japan oriented towards the vocational training systems from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and again Germany.

Invited by the Daito Bunka University of Tokyo/ Campus Higashimatsuyama Mrs. Britta Will (University Rostock – Research Fellow - Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education) traveled in representation of Prof. Dr. Franz Kaiser (University of Rostock - Chair of Vocational Education and Training) to the first vocational training conference at Daito Bunka University. The aim of the conference was to understand and to discuss the complex systemic vocational education structures as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the systems in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Educationally and economically a very exciting process, because it is necessary to consider which structures and instruments are meaningfully for the design of the Japanese needs. However, it remains open until now, on which structures presented the Japanese colleagues will focus. It is certain that an improvement in the collaboration between practical and theoretical education will be targeted to create long-term sustainable structures especially for craft vocational training in Japan.


Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Numaguchi (Daito Bunka University, Japan), Britta Will (University of Rostock, Germany), Björn Wärnberg (Uddevala Kommune, Sweden), (Torgeir Nyen (Fafo, Norway), Etsuo Yokoyama (Nagoya University, Japan), Hiroyuki Muramatsu (Shinshu University, Japan)