The Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education is teaching, researching and scientifically consulting in various topics of vocational education and training (VET). In particular the chair focusses on the constitution and organisation of teaching and learning processes in different institutions of VET as well as in the adjacent fields of education.

In academics and teaching and therewith in the frame of the BA/MA programme “Business and Economics Education”, students are prepared for their future employment in the field of formal and non-formal VET. Graduates work predominantly as vocational school teachers (teaching especially Business, Economics & Administration), as in-company trainers and further education trainers, as education managers and consultants or in the field of vocational education research and policy.

Furthermore the chair engages in various research and development projects with regards to issues of:

  • VET, academic education and further education,
  • in-company education and training,
  • pilot project research and innovation research,
  • reformation of the VET system,
  • internationalisation of VET regarding networking and cooperating respectively regional development and
  • professionalisation of educational staff.

In all research and development activities the relations between individuals, different institutions and conditions of the education system are comprehensively considered. As a matter of principle, tools of qualitative social research are applied. Furthermore the chair is intensively cooperating in all research and development projects with stakeholders/ institutions dealing with practical VET issues.

Another focus of research and teaching emphasises analysing processes and structuring the foundation and establishment of business start-ups, but also promoting entrepreneurial competences by thinking and acting entrepreneurially among students and stakeholders of VET.


For more information see also our information leaflet "Profile & Projects"!


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The Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education is developing various project concepts for the upcoming calls in international funding programmes, especially Baltic Sea Region Programme, South Baltic Programme, Central Europe, Pomerania, ERASMUS+ etc.

Therefore the Chair is looking for further project partners, especially in the fields of

  • international education systems and labour market policies,
  • qualification and professionalisation of teaching and educational staff in VET schools, companies and education service providers,
  • interregional strategies and innovation systems for human capacity building, mobility of professionals and competency development,
  • innovations in entrepreneurship education and promoting of young start-up talents.

If you have any questions concerning current project concepts or you are interested in participating, please contact us via email:

Do you have an interesting project idea related to vocational education and training or do you plan the implementation of a project in fields of business, economics and entrepreneurship education which need support from further project partners? Are you interested in international cooperation, i.e. concerning academic teaching partnerships and research collaboration?

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always interested to participate in and support innovative research and development projects! Our staff moreover has profound experience and knowledge in applying, planning, implementing, managing and evaluating projects - regionally, nationally and internationally!