• POOSH - Occupational Safety and Health of Posted Workers: Depicting the existing and future challenges in assuring decent working conditions and wellbeing of workers in hazardous sectors (2017-2018; Project Partner)  For more information click HERE!
  • BBVET - Boosting Business Integration through joint VET Education (2016-2018; Project Partner) >>> For more information click HERE!
  • WB-PRO 4.0 - Profession, work context and work-learn-life-balance of educators/ educational staff in further training (2016-2018; Lead Beneficiary) >>> For more information click HERE!
  • BBVET Seed Money - Boosting Business Integration through joint VET Education (2015; Project Partner; Seed Money Project Development) >>> For more information click HERE!
  • bwp-kom³ - Development, Testing and Evaluation of Permeable Further Training Programmes for Teaching and Educational Staff (2013 - 2016; Lead Beneficiary) >>> For more information click HERE!
  • PoW - Posting of Workers: Sharing Experiences, Promoting Best Practices and Improving Access to Information (2014 - 2016; Associated Partner) >>> For more information click HERE!
  • RegFood - Increasing Competitiveness of South Baltic Regional Food (2013 - 2015; Project Partner) >>> For more information click HERE!
  • KOSMOS - Development, Structuring and Organisation of Academic Study Programmes in Permeable Education Systems (2011 - 2015; Project Partner) >>> For more information click HERE!
  • COHAB - Co-ordination and Integration of Higher Education and the Labour Market around the Baltic Sea (2011 - 2014; Project Partner) >>> For more information click HERE!




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Do you have an interesting project idea related to vocational education and training or do you plan the implementation of a project in fields of business, economics and entrepreneurship education which need support from further project partners? Are you interested in international cooperation, i.e. concerning academic teaching partnerships and research collaboration?

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