Project title: 

Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Modularised Curricula for Initial and Further Training for the Heterogenous Target Groups of Professional Educators in VET (bwp-kom- Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogische Kompetenzentwicklung in Beruf und Studium)


Project period:

2013 - 2016


Funded by:


Main objectives:

  • Development and testing a modularised concept of further training for professional educators in VET (training by the job – part-time – workplace-oriented – competence-based – project-based) 
  • Linking the structures and the contents of the training programme(s) with the regular study programmes for VET teachers in universities 
  • Establishing a sustainable education network of universities, regional companies and regional institutions for vocational education and training (“three-branch continuing training model“) 
  • Promoting the permeability between vocational and academic education (recognition, crediting and transparency of qualifications) 
  • Transfer of the concept to other regions 


What does [3] mean? 

Modularised and flexible academic study programmes for professionals with working experience … 


... as an input for the daily working process of ... 

1. VET teachers in schools and VET trainers in companies („Dual System“) 

2. Experts in human resource managing and developing („Human Resources & Management“) 

3. Freelancing trainers and consultants in VET („Entrepreneurship Education“) 

= [3] #1 „Polyvalent Modules“ 


... taking into account the candidate's qualifications and competences in ... 

1. General education 

2. Vocational education 

3. Academic education 

= [3] #2 „Heterogenous Educational and Occupational Biographies“ 


... in regional cooperation and linkage of ... 

1. Science 

2. Economy 

3. Educational institutions in VET 

= [3] #3 „Three-branch Continuing Training Model“ 


Main target groups:

  • in-company vocational training personnel
  • educators of educational institutions in VET
  • professionals of human resource management and development in companies and educational institutions in VET
  • freelancing trainers, lecturers, coaches and consultants in VET
  • participants/ graduates of vocational initial education and further training, i.e. „Ausbildung der Ausbilder (IHK)“ = Train the Trainer - Basics, „Geprüfter Aus- und Weiterbildungspädagoge (IHK)“ = Train the Trainer - Teaching, „Geprüfter Berufspädagoge (IHK)“= Train the Trainer - Managing 


Project partners (selection): 

For more information about the three education providers for VET professionals, please use the links above!


Cooperation with (selection): 

  • Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Rostock, in Schwerin and in Neubrandenburg
  • Managing directors of human resources and vocational training of enterprises and education providers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Ministry for Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • University of Rostock- Centre for Teacher Training and Educational Research (ZLB)
  • University of Rostock - Centre for Quality Assurance in Study and Further Education (ZQS)
  • Association of Enterprises Rostock (UV Rostock)
  • German Association for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (BVMW) 


Project team:

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Diettrich (Project Responsibility)
  • Dipl.-Hdl. Martin French (Project Management)
  • Dipl.-Päd. Kati Wolfgramm (Project Management)
  • Dipl.-Hdl. Katja Laaser
  • Melanie Mittelstadt, M.A.
  • Dipl.-Hdl. Doris Wegener


Project website (German):