Project title: 

Co-ordination and Integration of Higher Education and the Labour Market around the Baltic Sea (COHAB)


Project period:

2011 - 2014


Funded by:



Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


Main objectives:

  • Accumulating appropriate data collection about the labour market and the sector of education in the respective regions in order to define barriers for mobility and identify common barriers, problems and challenges that require the South Baltic region to come up with common solutions and joint actions
  • Make the selected educations/professions well known and transparent to the partners of the project and share methods and ideas
  • Have a close cooperation with employers and other stakeholders and make sure that the project and the regional decision makers are on the same route
  • Increase staff and student mobility in order to make them ambassadors for the region and its possibilities
  • Increase staff and student competencies in order to equip them for interregional mobility
  • The result will be professionally and internationally strengthened educations, exchange of experience and - in the long term - increased student and labour market mobility


Main target groups:

  • University staff at the educational institutions who will be made aware of the interregional study opportunities and gain competences to become mobile; initially it will be university staff working in the project but they will be ambassadors for their colleagues as well as the students ensuring the long term perspective
  • Students of the respective educations (teacher and nurse students); during participation in the project the students will become aware of the possibilities for international work and study in the region in order to become more mobile both during their study time and in their professional life as they are to become the regional work force; the students in the project will similarly be ambassadors for their fellow students
  • Employers, i.e. regional schools and regional hospitals and other stakeholders in the region; they will not only be made aware of the interregional opportunities through the project dissemination but also participate in the visionary seminars and explain how they can contribute to increasing the mobility through internships, work possibilites and how they can ease procedures and other barriers


Project partners: 

  • University of Rostock - Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education (Germany)
  • University College Zealand (Denmark)
  • Klaipeda University (Lithuania)
  • Linnaeus University (Schweden)
  • Medical University of Gdansk (Poland) 


Cooperation with: 

  • VUC Storstrom (Denmark)
  • LiNK & VIRTUS e.V. (Germany) 


Project team:

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Diettrich (Project Responsibility Germany)
  • Dipl-Hdl. Martin French (National Project Management Germany)
  • Dipl.-Hdl., M.Sc. Britta Will (National Project Management Germany)
  • Dipl-Hdl. Constanze Stamer


Project websites: (google+ Group "BALTIC SEA TEACHING") (Weblog) (Publications) (Project Events)