Project title: 

Development, Structuring and Organisation of Academic Study Programmes in Permeable Education Systems (KOSMOS - Konstruktion und Organisation eines Studiums in offenen Systemen)


Project period:

2011 - 2015


Funded by:


Main objectives:

  • Realisation of the concept of Lifelong Learning up to an establishment of a culture of Lifelong Learning
  • Development of study formats for professionals and non-traditional students along the stages of life
  • Establishment of institutional conditions for the acceptance and implementation of a concept for Lifelong Learning
  • Development of research-based study formats for employees and non-traditional students along their individual stages life; it clarifies questions of recognition of formal and non-formal acquired abilities, skills and competences, compiles and analyses important experience in connection with the establishment of the European Qualifications Framework and also organizes the offer of study programs on an academic level for national and international regions
  • To guarantee the reconstruction of academics and teaching on a high quality level, the University of Rostock will undergo the procedure of the organisational development which leads to the development of structures and framework conditions for Lifelong Learning e.g. regarding consultation concepts and new cooperation models


Project partners (selection): 

  • University of Rostock - Board of Directors
  • University of Rostock - Centre for Quality Assurance in Study and Further Education (ZQS)
  • Faculties of the University of Rostock
  • University of Rostock - Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education
  • Interdisciplinary research groups at the University of Rostock

The specific project sub-team of KOSMOS at the Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education is responsible for target group and study requirement analyses, and also for promoting the permeability between vocational and academic education by developing general concepts of recognition, crediting and transparency of qualifications for the determined target groups. Another specific task of the sub-team at the Chair is developing, structuring and implementing a network of regional education providers and stakeholders in the process of Lifelong Learning.


Project team:

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Diettrich
  • Dipl.-Hdl. Daniela Haarnack
  • Janet Martens, M.A.
  • M.A. Vivien Peyer
  • Dipl.-Päd. Kati Wolfgramm


Project website (German):