Project title: 

Increasing Competitiveness of South Baltic Regional Food (RegFood)


Project period:

2013 - 2015


Funded by:



Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


Main objectives:

  • To reveal the specific characteristics of local food production in the South Baltic Region, in a first step challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses with regards to local food production will be evaluated
  • This will be the base for the development of an education program including marketing strategies for both students as well as for professionals in food production
  • The theoretically gained knowledge will be strengthened during internships
  • The project’s long-term objective is to promote economic competitiveness of the South Baltic regional food production locally, regionally and in Europe as well as to intense the cooperation between involved universities and professionals to achieve the defined objectives
  • The project will attain its aims by employing a cross-border and cross-sector cooperation strategy of strengthening liaisons between higher education and practitioners in the food sector in five countries in the SB region: Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Germany
  • A range of activities will be implemented around development of new education curricula and programmes and dissemination of knowledge through training and practical internships


Main target groups:

  • Students, researchers and education instructors in higher education institutions involved in training of specialists in agribusiness, food-processing, cooking, catering and restaurant businesses in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden
  • Entrepreneurs and employees in food and tourism sectors in Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Germany


Project partners: 

  • University of Rostock - Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education (Germany)
  • University College Zealand (Denmark)
  • Kristianstad University, Department of Gastronomy (Sweden)
  • Klaipeda University (Lithuania) 


Cooperation with (selection): 

  • University of Applied Sciences Münster - Institute of Teacher Training for Vocational Education (Germany)
  • European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage (Sweden)
  • Karlshamn Municipality (Sweden)
  • Krinova Science Park (Sweden)
  • Lithuanian Culinary Heritage Fund (Lithuania)
  • Utena University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania) 


Project team:

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Diettrich
  • Janet Martens, M.A.
  • Dipl.-Hdl., M.Sc. Britta Will


Project website: