Grudis Annual Conference, February 3rd, 2018 at Catholic University Business School in Porto, Portugal

The Portuguese Grudis conference is an international forum for Accounting Research, considering multiple dimensions and research methods. It supports the discussion and creation of highly relevant accounting research and addresses itself to accounting researchers as well as teachers. The Grudis network strongly supported the DiEPSAm project application and invited the project consortium introduce the project in the form of a session during their regular conference.


The Grudis Annual conference 2018 happened on February 3, at the Catholic University Business School in Porto, Portugal. On February 2, there was also a PhD Colloquium. There were about 80 participants in the whole event, the majority from Portugal (particularly scholars), but also from Brazil, Netherlands, Australia and Norway. Therefore, some sessions were in Portuguese, while other were in English.


The DiEPSAm project was presented in a plenary session by our project member Susana Jorge. There was great interest, especially from the Portuguese scholars, also given the fact that Portugal is embarking a reform starting implementation of an IPSAS-based public sector accounting system, and many universities do not have scholars to teach the topic, despite acknowledging its importance. After the presentation, during informal talks with the project member, scholars congratulated on the project idea, agreeing that this would help them to promote the topic on public sector accounting on their organizations and, at the same time, increasing internationalization, given the fact that the course is in English. They have also asked about when the project materials would be available, seeming eager to have these as soon as possible.